O Taxidiotis (The Traveler)


Hi there, today i am writing you from Cyprus Nicosia.

Here in the picture i am in the occupied territory of Cyprus in Nicosia. Can you imagine traveling to Cyprus and expierincing a country divided in half? If you dont visit Cyprus your missing out, thats one of the things i can do since i work from anywhere in the World. Its so easy to earn money online while traveling, i mean look i am the best example. There are tons of ways how to earn money online, you just need your laptop and internet connection. For example you could start building websites for start up companies and manage their social media or you could manage their ads. I mean look you can do that literally from anywhere in the World, you could create videos and post them on youtube. Or you could interview an Expert in any field and you could turn that valuable information into an ebook for example. You see there are many ways how to make money online, you just have to be willing or better committed to stick to your goal and create your own business.