Feel Free to Travel the World



Here in the picture you can see me in front of the Buckingham Palace in London. I didnt see the Queen unfortunately but i have met many friendly people here, its great to feel free and travel the World whenever you want. It gives you the ultimate freedom to enjoy every moment while traveling around the World. I dont know about you but i feel that every time i visit another country it lifts me up and makes me curious to find out what that country has to offer. You would need years to travel to all the countries around the World but after having been on different continents you get a better feeling of how people are. You will discover that for example in Greece people eat very late and also go out after 1 or 2 am and stay awake till the sun rises. 

No more bosses who tell me what to do and when to go to work, i can wake up whenever i want wherever i want, thats ultimate freedom to be one Day in New York and the next on a Beach in Bali...Change your mindset and you can become free, see things from a different perspective understand that you are the master of your faith and nobodyelse has control over it.