Be your own Boss

Hi there today i am at the Top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, Southafrica enjoying the sunset. Table Mountain is one of the main attractions in Cape Town, once you are in Southafrica this place should be the first thing to visit. I can recall when i used to be an employee how it drained me to go to work everyday and work for someoneelse to make him richer and me having just enough money to make it till the end of the month so i can keep on going back to work. Until now you should have understood that this system of working as an employee was created so you have enough money to get over the month not more not less. Its like a rat race once you are in it its not easy to get out of that since you have costs to cover such as rent, bills etc. In order to achieve success in life you have to get out of your comfort zone, we are used to live our lifes the way we were teached from small to go to school, study and get a job. But Life is much more than that and we were not born to become slaves of our modern society, you have to breakthrough that believe and become your own Boss in order to achieve the ultimate freedom which we all deserve.